Here are some of the questions that you may have in mind. We are always around over chat, phone or email if you have other questions.

What is GoFloaters ?
GoFloaters is an on-demand work space provider for meetings and for work. We can provide you spaces for:

  • Working
  • Customer meetings
  • Investor meetings
  • Training
  • Interviews
  • Workshops

Our spaces are available by the hour and you only pay for what you use. We have 160+ spaces across Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad & Coimbatore and we are adding more every week!


Why choose GoFloaters ?
GoFloaters is for those people who want an on-demand space for their business. Why pay monthly rents when you can get spaces by the hour on-demand. On-demand spaces are much more cost-effective. Our aim is to foster a dynamic and vibrant community of start-ups, entrepreneurs, freelancers and businesses professionals. GoFloaters partners with the finest cafes, restaurants and businesses to open their amazing spaces for work and meetings. In the process we are making work spaces 40% cheaper for you.


How come you are charging so less ? What is the catch ?
There is no catch. Cafes and businesses have lean hours and excess capacity so GoFloaters partners with them. The cafe coworking rates start at Rs 35 per person per hour + GST. The rates for the shared offices and meeting spaces vary by space. Meeting spaces start at Rs 150 per hour + GST. The shared office spaces start at Rs 2500 per month per seat + GST.


Which cities do you serve?
We are currently operational in Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad & Coimbatore. But we’ll be in your city very soon, so hold on.


Can I save even more on my GoFloaters bookings ?
Yes you can save even more by purchasing a FloaterPass! FloaterPass brings prices down by 40%, to know more about the FloaterPass please click here. You can also save more by referring GoFloaters to a friend.


What amenities are included ?
WiFi, power points and comfortable atmosphere with seating is included into our pricing. Other amenities vary by space. You can check our app for more details on the space amenities.


What other benefits do I get from GoFloaters?
Apart from the space amenities GoFloaters also gives you access to our community partners. You can now redeem up-to $6000 in community rewards from our partners like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Freshworks and many others. To know more about our community partners please click here. GoFloaters also conducts events every month that provide you with a platform to network, communicate and learn from our events. You can click here to know more about our events.


Can I register by business using GoFloaters address or use the space address for communication ?
We do allow businesses to be registered with our space address in some of our spaces. If you are interested please get in touch with our support team using chat or call us at +91-7338730800. We would be happy to assist you. We also provide virtual office services through some of our partners.


How do I book a GoFloaters space ?
You can book GoFloaters spaces using our web app or mobile apps. You can download the GoFloaters app from Google Playstore or Apple AppStore.

Is there a lock in period or rental agreement that I must sign ?
GoFloaters is an on-demand space provider. We don’t lock you with any agreements. We believe in offering freedom to our users! Hence we don’t do rental agreements and hence no lock in period.


Is maintenance included in the rates ?
Yes, maintenance charges are included into the price. Wifi, power points and comfortable atmosphere with seating is included into our pricing. Other amenities vary by space. You can check out app for more details.


Why am I being charged for an extra hour ?
GoFloaters App rounds of the cafe coworking usage hours to the next higher number of hours. For an example if you have used the space for 2 hours and 10 minutes it would be counted as 3 hours.


What are the rates like ?
The cafe coworking rates start at 35 per person per hour + GST. The rates for the shared offices and meeting spaces vary by space. Meeting spaces start at RS 150 per hour + GST. The shared office spaces start at Rs 2500 per month per seat + GST.

What are the working hours for GoFloaters spaces ?

Each space has different operation times which is mentioned on the detail page on the website and mobile app. Most of the spaces are open from 9AM to 7PM


Can I bring a guest or a fiend to a GoFloaters space ?
All our spaces need to be pre booked in advance & we encourage you to add the guest through an additional booking. You get bonus points & food rewards for referring your friend as well !


What is the cancellation policy ?
Cafe coworking bookings can be cancelled through our web app or mobile app. You can’t cancel the booking after you have checked in. In case of monthly-shared workspaces 1 week of advanced notice is required. In case of meeting rooms and conference rooms, cancellations made before 2 days of the booking date, money will be refunded fully. If a cancellation is made within 2 days of the booking date, money paid will not be refunded.


Why is my booking space request under process and not conformed yet ?
Please give us some lead time to confirm your booking. Our team will look into your booking and confirm the booking at the earliest. Depending on the volume of requests, sometimes it is possible that we have not been able to get your booking within the 30 mins. If your booking is still not confirmed after 30 mins of your booking, then kindly reach out to our team through chat or call us at +91-7338730800. Upon booking confirmation you will get an SMS and E-mail. The status will also reflect in the App.


What do i do once I reach the cafe ?
After reaching the GoFloaters Space you are supposed to check-in when you arrive and check out as you depart. The billing is done on the basis of the check in and check out time.


What happens if I check in or check out late ? 
You will be charged from the time you check-in to the time of checkout. Please bear in mind that all spaces have set coworking hours.


What happens if I check out before an hour ?
Regardless of the minutes used the booking charges will be rounded off to the next whole hour strictly for billing purpose.


Do you provide virtual office services ?
We provide virtual office services through our partners. If you are interested please get in touch with with our support team using chat or call is at +91-7338730800. We would be happy to assist you !

How do I make the payment ?
You make the payment for the space through our web app or our mobile apps. For cafe coworking you make the payment after using the space. When you check out you will be taken to a screen where you will be asked to make the payment based on the number of hours used. For meeting spaces and shared offices you will have to make the payment before using the space. You will see a pay to confirm button on the booking in the main screen.


What payment options does GoFloaters accept ? 
GoFloaters accepts most payment methods available on Razorpay such as Net banking, UPI , GPay, Debil and Credit-Cards.


Do I pay at the space ?
NO. You have to make the payment to GoFloaters through our web app or through our mobile app. Payment will not be collected at the space.


Can I pay by cash ?
We don’t accept cash. We accept most forms of online payment including net-banking, credit card, debit card, UPI and many wallets.


Does the price include taxes ?
The rates mentioned in our app and website does not include GST. 18% GST would be applicable on the rates as per government policy.


Will I get a GST invoice ?
Yes you will get a GST invoice for your payment. Please reach out to the support team with your business details and GSTIN to get a GST invoice.

What is a FloaterPass & what benefits can I avail with the pass ?
FloaterPass gets you a bundle of cafe coworking hours that brings down the price to Rs 25 + GST. FloaterPass gets you instant access to Food Credits, you can enjoy 20% cashback on food and beverage items across our partner locations.


What are the different FloaterPasses available ?
There are three FloaterPasses available with prices starting INR 600 –




To know more about these passes please visit our Pricing page.


How do Food Credits work ?
Food credits can be used to settle your food & beverage orders at a space location. Simple scan the QR code using the GoFloaters app and pay. Please bear in mind that Food Credits are only available for FloaterPass members.


How does the Cashback work ?
Cashback is awarded based on the amount spend on the food wallet recharge. 20% instant cashback is credited to your account in the form of food credits. Food credits can be redeemed at all participating spaces.


What happens if I exhaust my Food Credits ?
GoFloaters does not make ordering food a compulsion. Food credits are only available to our pass holders as they can avail 20% cashback on the food credit recharge. In order to avail the cashback you will have to recharge your food credit wallet to match the bill amount.


My needs exceeds the existing pass can I have an organisation specific pass with longer duration ?
Yes we can tailor a custom package based on your specific needs and requirements, us reach out to us on +91-7338730800