GoFloaters launches Community Assistance Program for COVID19 affected businesses - Know More


Here are some of the questions that you may have in mind. We are always around over chat, phone or email if you have other questions.

What is GoFloaters ?
GoFloaters is a first of its kind on-demand work, meeting and event space App.

We help thousands of early-stage start-ups, freelancers, SMB’s, independent professionals, solopreneurs, digital nomads, remote workers, media professionals, YouTubers, mompreneurs, sales and enterprise teams to find affordable plug-and-play work, meeting & event spaces.


We provide spaces for:

  • Work
  • Meetings
  • Trainings
  • Presentations
  • Interviews
  • Workshops
  • Meet-ups
  • Events

Our spaces are available on demand and you only pay for what you use. We have 600+ spaces across Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad & Coimbatore and we are adding more every week!

Why choose GoFloaters?
GoFloaters is for those people who want cost effective on-demand spaces. Our aim is to foster a dynamic and vibrant community of start-ups, entrepreneurs, freelancers and businesses professionals. GoFloaters partners with the finest cafes, restaurants, Coworking spaces and other businesses to open their amazing spaces for work, meetings and events.


Which cities do you serve?
We are currently operational in Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad & Coimbatore. But we’ll be in your city very soon, so hold on.


What amenities are included?
High speed WiFi, power points and a comfortable atmosphere with seating is included into our pricing. Other amenities vary by space. You can check the individual listings on our app for more details on the space amenities.


What other benefits do I get from GoFloaters?

With GoFloaters you get access to hyperlocal and neighbourhood spaces to work from, outreach to communities and Community Partners who enable businesses. In our endeavor to create significant impact and create touchpoints with our partners, we organize, co-host & conduct events and activities enabling networking, opportunities and great learning. You can click here to know more about our events.


What and who are Community Partners?
Our Community Partnerships are well-designed and well-researched networking of startups, brands and services who provide incredible benefits for our customers. These partnerships enable you to forge, nurture and drive your passions to the next level. With Community Partners one can redeem over Rs. 1 Crore in community rewards (in the form of credits, discounts) from our partners like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Freshworks, Uber and many others.

To know more about our community partners please click here.


Can I register by business using GoFloaters address or use the space address for communication?
We do allow businesses to be registered with some of our spaces. If you are interested please get in touch with our support team using chat or call us at +91-7338730800. We would be happy to assist you. We also provide virtual office services through some of our partners.


How do I book a GoFloaters space ?
You can book GoFloaters spaces using our web app or mobile apps. You can download the GoFloaters app from Google PlayStore or Apple AppStore.

What’s the pricing and is there any catch?
There is no catch. Cafes and businesses have lean hours and excess capacity so GoFloaters partners with them & help monetize their space. The work café rate is Rs 250 + GST (and you get Rs.250 back in Food Credits + 1 free visitor). The rates for the shared offices and meeting spaces vary by space. Meeting spaces start at Rs 150 per hour + GST. The shared office spaces start at Rs 2500 per month per seat + GST.


Is there a lock in period or rental agreement that I must sign for office spaces?
GoFloaters is an on-demand space provider. We don’t lock you with any agreements. We believe in offering freedom to our users! Hence, we don’t do rental agreements and hence no lock in period.


Is maintenance included in the rates?
Yes, maintenance charges are included into the price. WiFi, power points and comfortable atmosphere with seating is included into our pricing. Other amenities vary by space. You can check the individual listings on our app for more details.

What are the working hours for GoFloaters spaces?

Each space has different operation times which is mentioned on the detail page of the individual listings on the website and mobile apps. Most of the spaces are open from 9AM to 7PM.


Can I bring a guest or a fiend to a GoFloaters space?
Yes café coworking allows you to bring 1 additional guest for free.


What is the cancellation policy?

  • In case of monthly office spaces, 1 week of advanced notice is required.
  • In case of meeting spaces, training rooms and event spaces, cancellations can made before 2 days of the booking date and money will be refunded fully in the form of future credits. If a cancellation is made within 2 days of the booking date, there will be no refunds.
  • For Café coworking, booking can be cancelled anytime and the money will be refunded fully in the form of future credits.


Why is my booking space request under process and not confirmed yet?
Please give us some lead time to confirm your booking. Our team will look into your booking and confirm the booking at the earliest. Depending on the volume of requests, sometimes it is possible that we have not been able to get your booking within 30 minutes. If your booking is still not confirmed after 30 mins of your booking, then kindly reach out to our team through chat or call us at +91-7338730800. Upon booking confirmation, you will get an SMS and E-mail confirmation. The status will also reflect in the App.


What do I do once I reach the cafe?
After reaching the GoFloaters Space you are supposed to show your booking to the café staff who will then guide you to the assigned table.


Do you provide virtual office services?
We provide virtual office services through our partners. If you are interested please get in touch with with our support team using chat or call is at +91-7338730800. We would be happy to assist you!

How do I make the payment?
You will have to make the payment before using the space. You will see a pay to confirm button on the booking in the main screen. For Work Cafes you make the payment for the food through our mobile app. When you decide to leave the café, the waiter will give you the bill for the food (in case you had) that you will have to pay using Food Credits.


Where are my Food Credits?

You can see your balance In the Food Credits section under My Profile in the app anytime. You will be taken to a screen where you will just match the bill amount in the café. In case the bill amount exceeds the Food Credits you have, you can recharge & pay the balance amount through the app and also get 20% cashback on that amount. Sweet deal, isn’t it.


What if I’m not hungry? Can I transfer the credits to my next booking?

Rs. 250 in Food Credits that you get with the booking are not transferrable and are active on the booking date, post which they will be deducted from your account. Only the cashback amount received for additional food spends above Rs. 250 can be used for your next booking.


What payment options does GoFloaters accept? 
GoFloaters accepts most payment methods available on Razorpay such as Net banking, UPI , GPay, Debit and Credit-Cards.


Do I pay at the space?
NO. You have to make the payment to GoFloaters through our web app or through our mobile app. Payments will not be collected at the space. Bookings will only be processed once payment is completed


Can I pay by cash?
We don’t accept cash. We accept most forms of online payment including net-banking, credit card, debit card, UPI and many wallets.


Does the price include taxes?
The rates mentioned in our app and website does not include GST. 5% GST would be applicable on the rate will be applicable for café coworking and 18% GST would be applicable for office space, meeting space, training rooms and event spaces.


Will I get a GST invoice?
Yes you will get a GST invoice for your payment. Please reach out to the support team with your business details and GSTIN to get a GST invoice.