What is GoFloaters?

GoFloaters is an app that helps you find affordable workspaces near you, whenever you need! We have spaces for working, meetings, training sessions and workshops, among others. You only have to pay for the hours you use!

Why choose GoFloaters?

We’ve tied up with cool cafés and restaurants, as well as awesome shared offices, meeting and event spaces. You can pick the spot that suits your need and work on the go. We find you the best spaces at the best prices!

How do I book a GoFloaters space?

You have 2 ways in which you can book a GoFloaters space.

Which cities do you serve?

At the moment you can use GoFloaters to access over 170+ locations across Chennai, Bangalore, Coimbatore, and Hyderabad. We’re continually adding new spaces and are in the process of expanding to more cities.